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M112 Beta Features

Beta version:



Now ChromeOS supports password recovery for users who have opted-in. When a user forgets their password they will be able to go through a Google account based online login recovery process, to recover their password.

How to Access:

Enable password recovery

In order to enable password recovery, users have to opt in / turn on data recovery. New users will have the opportunity to opt-in during the out of box experience. To opt-in to password recovery follow these steps:

1) Open ChromeOS Settings
2) Go go to Security and Privacy
3) Open Lock screen and sign-in
4) Toggle on Local data recovery


How does Password recovery work

1) User forgets their sign in password / enters the wrong password when logging into their Chromebook
2) A notification pops up with an option to recover the account
3) Click on the “Recovery button” to enter the password recovery flow
4) User’s Google email ID is pre-populated, then click the 'Next' button.
5) Click on “forgot password”
6) Enter new password and optional PIN reset (if user had it setup)
7) User receives confirmation via an on-screen notification, that the password and PIN has been updated
8) Click “Done” to login to your Chromebook

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