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M116 Use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your Chromebook

M116 Beta Features

Beta version:



Easily open and edit your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on your Chromebook using the Microsoft 365 app with Microsoft OneDrive storage. OneDrive will be added to your Chromebook Files app so you can access your documents at any time. Microsoft OneDrive storage is required to open and edit files in Microsoft 365.

Your Chromebook provides a guided setup experience. It includes installing the Microsoft 365 app if you don’t have it already, signing into your Microsoft account, and connecting Microsoft OneDrive to your Files app.

If you encounter bugs while trying out these new features, please share feedback directly with our team by using keyboard shortcut Alt +Shift + I, and include #chromeos-office in the description of the report

How to Access:

Upgrade to the latest M116 beta version, later than 116.0.5845.52
Go to: chrome://flags
Enable: #upload-office-to-cloud flag
Set up: To set up Microsoft 365 and OneDrive, navigate to the Files App and double-click on a Microsoft file to see how the new flow works.

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